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In a world full of connectivity and a time where we are more wired to each other than ever, we are experiencing a paradox where we’ve lost our ability to truly connect with one another. Our capability to create, achieve and perform is greater than ever.

However, so are the pressures to be our best, at all cost, and failure is not an option. It’s as if life is no longer about living but about performing. What if you could reach your greatest potential while living, not just enduring, your life? What if you could fall in love with your life again?

Grow community center and cafe is all about finding your awesome and living life monumentally. It’s a gathering place for people to connect, fall in love with life again and give back to the community. It’s for the community, by the community. It is the golden thread that weaves the individuals of a community together. It exists to transform lives no matter what stage of life they’re in. Transform a life, transform a community.

Summer Programs & Events

Summer Mentorship Program (June 5 – August 7)
This program is an invitation-only program for the youth who have been consistently attending the grow youth center throughout the school year.

Kria Yoga in the Park
June 17
9:30-10:30 am
O’Brien Park, 10795 Victorian Drive, Parker
FREE admission provided by grow community center

Kria Yoga in the park is the perfect way to start your Saturday! Class begins with a few moments of quiet reflection. This gentle, slow paced morning class helps to calm the mind while energizing the body as you focus on breath, holding poses for length and strength, flexibility, awareness, and allow a natural opening of the body.

Please wear clothing that allows freedom of movement in the body. Bring your yoga mat (limited yoga mats will be available if needed) Option to bring water & any yoga props.

*Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out class waiver and pick your spot. If youth are attending without a parent, a signed parent waiver is required. You can also complete the waiver online ahead of time by clicking on the “sign our waiver” tab below.

To participate in grow activities, a signed waiver must be on file. The Youth (17 and under) Wavier must be signed by Parents/Legal Guardians. Everyone 18 and older must sign the Adult Waiver. Click on the below “sign our waiver” tab to complete the appropriate waiver online.

We are constantly adding more activities to the calendar so be sure to check back frequently to learn about newly added activities. You can also sign up to receive emails when we add new activities. Sign-up here.

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